→ The Buffering Room was our version of a waiting room. This is where guest cued up for the experience. The room featured our event manifesto, as well as four large display screens which played insight driven content we created that told the story of our experience. When guest were ready to enter, they would enter through a large portal created from the Relationship Device (new visual asset for their cards).

→ The first room guest experience is the Nature Room where we take them to the rainforest of Costa Rica. We filled the room with real plants creating organic photo moments throughout. The plants will be donated to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens after the event.

→ This room was our version of a hyper-stylized cafe. The insight was how often people like and share viral foods but rarely have the time to go get them. So the core of this room was our tablet wall. We designed a wall of tablets where people could reach into the internet and have some of those viral foods they've always wanted to try. This room also featured a big LED banner with an animation loop, as well as LED ribbons on the tables that helped frame the perfect picture.

→ Peoples digital lives are very much about self branding 
and how you represent yourself. So we created the Best Self Selfie room designed to help people take portraits that represented them in the best way. We collaborated with photographer and social influencer Jones Crow to set up the photo stations. There were three different photo setups, each with a unique effect.

→ #puppies #omg #want. People love puppies, and they are some of the most shared and liked content online. So we teamed up with North Shore Animal League to let people connect with rescue puppies. The puppies were adoptable and we actually had 7 adoptions. The room was designed to be a puppy playground for humans. Popular puppy objects like dog houses, and soccer balls were human sized.

→ The exit tunnel was designed to be a surreal moment, where we remind our guest of the new American Express brand positioning. As they traveled back out of the internet, they are surrounded by the new tagline. At the end of the tunnel is 
the Relationship Device on top of a mirror, so that each guest sees themselves in the brand. This experience was meant to showcase how American Express backs it's customers, and in this moment guest experience what that is or what that could be. #amexlife
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